• Yaro Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Blue Ring Sling (cotton)
  • Yaro Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Blue Ring Sling (cotton)
  • Yaro Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Blue Ring Sling (cotton)
  • Yaro Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Blue Ring Sling (cotton)
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Yaro Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Blue Ring Sling (cotton)

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  • 100% cotton 
  • 370 g/m^2
  • gathered shoulder 
  • silver rings
  • 85" from rings to tail (measured pre-wash with soft tape) 
  • 28" wide (measured pre-wash with soft tape) 

This ring sling is soft out of the bag and breaks in after only one wash and steam iron making it a good options for beginners! The wrap is soft enough for a newborn.

The Puffy weave makes the wrap different, in looks, wrapping and overall feel. In loomstate this wrap may feel a bit intimidating; soft but dense and heavy. The first wash will give Puffy a head-start; it blooms up very nice and you will be embraced with even more softness. It is very nice to touch and has loads of texture. Grippy without being rough. This wrap will give you a lot of great qualities in wrapping. If you are a fan of thicker wraps, this would be the perfect fit for you! It wraps amazingly forgiving and once you know how to handle a fluffier, thicker wrap it is very easy to get around with. Picky-shoulders? This wrap is a marshmallow. A cloud! Solid, with just that right amount of bounce. This is what they can call a 'prison' for your heavy toddler. Can handle a lot in single layered carries, will not move in an unpleasant way and stays in place for a long time. In terms of suitability, this wrap is not so much for little babies. The softness will allow it, but the thickness and capabilities of this wrap does it's justice more with bigger babies, toddlers and even pre-schoolers. You don't need a high experience level to get along with this wrap.


Why Yaro:

  • Headquartered in the Netherlands
  • Manufacturer of woven baby slings produced with in the European Union
  • Motto - affordable woven slings to promote the babywearing and the great quality.
  • Created by a group of babywearing consultants who want to promote babywearing and make it affordable.
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