• Yaro La Vita Natural Wrap (linen blend)
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Yaro La Vita Natural Wrap (linen blend)

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  • 60% cotton 40% linen
  • 230 g/m^2
  • natural

This wrap is lightweight linen goodness! There are natural nubs and slubs that are characteristics of natural linen fiber. Linen feels slightly rough out of the bag but with some sweet sweet tender touches and a steam iron it will be a soft as a baby's bottom!

Linen is awesome as you can dry it and beat it to heck and back!

This is a light to medium weight wrap that you are going to love for summer weather wrapping. We are loving the combination of its grippiness and softness!


Why Yaro:

  • Headquartered in the Netherlands
  • Manufacturer of woven baby slings produced with in the European Union
  • Motto - affordable woven slings to promote the babywearing and the great quality.
  • Created by a group of babywearing consultants who want to promote babywearing and make it affordable.
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