• Wompat Soft Structured Smitten Vena Cava Melanzana
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Wompat Soft Structured Smitten Vena Cava Melanzana

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Check out this awesome buckle carrier from Smitten's Vena Cava Melanzana woven baby wrap fabric. These carriers are very special because there are less then 5 that were ever made! 

A half conversion means that the hood, and front part of the carrier panel are made from the wrap. The waist, shoulder straps and back part of the panel is made from cotton twill. 


  • Adjustable shoulder straps can be worn crossed
  • Soft leg padding
  • Adorable pixie sleep hood with long reach straps


  • baby panel size - ~14"x14"
  • toddler panel size - ~16"x18"
  • preschool panel size - ~18"x19.5"
  • waist belt - total length 53" padded length 23"
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