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Sling Rings



DIYers and wrapping ninjas will delight in these 100% made in the USA aluminum rings!


These rings are specially created, designed, and made for babywearing. They are non-weld point and have gone through many safety tests which include:

  • Pull Testing (Pull test each individual ring to 250 pounds)
  • Impact Testing
  • Soaking in bleach and then a full washer/dryer cycle
  • Freezing followed by additional impact testing
  • Heating followed by additional pull testing
  • Verification heavy metal and toxin free

Price is listed is per pair of rings. 


SIZES: SMALL 2" (5 cm) MED 2.5" (6.4 cm), LARGE 3" (7.6 cm) and 0.25" (.64 cm) thick


The color is anodized onto the aluminum rings -- it becomes part of the metal, and will not lose its color with time. Scratches in the rings will show the color of the unanodized aluminum underneath which can occur during the shipping process and otherwise is considered normal. 


Don't see the rings you want? Shoot us an email sales@5mr.com for a special order!

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