• Sensimo Slings Aeshna Asale Wrap (cotton)
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Sensimo Slings Aeshna Asale Wrap (cotton)

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Aeshna Asale is 100% combed double twisted cotton and 270g/m2. It is very soft , moldable and nice grip. Dragonflies pattern is very special. The family of dragonflies is one of the oldest families of insects that inhabit the Earth.They say that the dragonfly is a symbol of immortality. 


Sensimo Slings came from the two friends love of wraps. We are freinds and moms full of ideas and enegry, we love babywearing. Let's think why Sensimo Slings? The name means Sensitive Momma and we believe that a sensitive momma is all that babies need. We created Sensimo because of our experience with babywearing and with the design. We would like to give you many beautiful wraps and joy of wearing them.

Happy babywearing!

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