Nona Woven Wraps -Wrap Scrap Balloon Ball Cover

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This fun new accessory from Nona Woven Wraps has a dual purpose that both wearer and wearee can enjoy!  Wrap Scrap Balloon Ball Covers  make a balloon a bit more durable, but not as heavy as a plastic ball. It will not easily be blown away by the wind, but it is  not too heavy for toddlers to pick it up and throw or kick it.

As a wearer, you may be learning to move a baby from the front to your back, but not quite sure you are ready to do it with an actual child. This accessory can help you to get a feeling of how to move your arms around your body to move the ball from front to back. While we know this isn't EXACTLY like moving a child, it's a great start to gaining the mobility needed for advanced back carries!

As the wearee (aka the kiddo's!), yay for  a new toy to play with! Now mom doesn't need to be nervous to let you play with a balloon. The protection of the fabric gives some durability to a balloon so it won't break easily and it's completely safe for baby's to nibble on the fabric. Also, it's easy for toddlers to pick it up, even with one hand because of the seams. BONUS- These are super compact and easy to stuff into a diaper bag or purse for on the go entertainment ;) 




1. Just put a deflated balloon through the overlay, leaving only the mouthpiece out.
2. Inflate the balloon until the ball is fully filled with air.
3.Tie the knot in the mouthpiece and tuck it into the overlay as well!

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