• Naked Panda Designs Soft Structured Carrier- MULTICAM- Camoflauge
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Naked Panda Designs Soft Structured Carrier- MULTICAM- Camoflauge

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We are excited to introduce this fabulous collaboration between Smitten & Naked Panda Designs! These full wrap conversion carriers are made with 100% with woven wrap. This means the front and back of the panel, waist belt, & shoulders straps are all wrap material.



  • Design: MULTICAM- Camouflage 
  • Leg Out Padding
  • Flat Sleep Hood: Clips onto the panel of the carrier with D-Rings and Swivel Clips, then onto the top of the shoulder straps by 1" buckles
  • Ladder Lock adjustments for 1-way adjustable shoulders straps
  • Personal Fit Adjusters to shorten shoulder straps
  • Waist clip has a single adjust 2" Nexus buckle. The buckle is on the waist padding, so no digging into your waist or hips!

Shoulders & Waist

  • Medium Size Shoulder Straps: 21" padded straps and an added 34" of webbing. 
  • Standard Waist Straps: 28" - 68"

Panel Measurements

  • Standard: 14"x14" - approximately 26" height to fit - (9/12 month-3T pants), 15-35 lbs
  • Toddler: 18" x 18" (comparable to other brands Preschool size) - AT LEAST 38" , 25-55 lbs

Please note that there is a large difference in size between EACH size. DO NOT SIZE UP if you want to be able to wear your carrier right away. People that have sized up haven't been able to use their carrier for 4-6 months. A few inches in panel height and width make a VERY large difference for fit.

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