• Lenny Lamb Little Love Lemon Tree Mei Tai (cotton)
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Lenny Lamb Little Love Lemon Tree Mei Tai (cotton)

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Amazingly soft and light (260 gsm), almost feels like fluff on your and your baby’s skin, airy, very supportive and incredibly beautiful - doesn’t it sound like a babywearer’s dream?
This dream has come true !
Please welcome LittleLove !
This fabric is so fabulous because of the special weave we made it in - it is a derivation from Judie Eatough’s weave.
See some more of her work at http://www.eatough.net/weave/

Introducing the Lenny Lamb mei tai! This is a full wrap conversion mei tai with some awesome added features that will keep your baby snuggled close and fashionable ;)



  • Longer length shoulder straps (82"/210cm) = fancy tie offs and added bonus length for those of us on the fluffier side of life!
  • Padded shoulder and waist belt and shoulder straps are 5" wide. 
  • Integrated sleep hood; attaches to loops on shoulder straps with simple ties.

LennyLamb Mini (mini) - Recommended for children aged between 5 -18 months
Maximum child’s weight - 18 kg or 39 lbs

LennyLamb toddler (maxi) - Recommended for children aged over 10 months
Maximum child’s weight - 20 kg or 44 lbs

Permissible measurement error is ± 3 cm

  • Mini Panel size: 35x45 cm or 13.75" x 17.7"
  • Toddler Panel size: 40x55 cm or 15.75" x 21"

Due to these differences Mini can perfectly adjust to the body of a baby under 18 months, while Toddler proves to be more comfortable for carrying a 2-3 year-old child.

Lenny Lamb does not recommend carrying children younger than 4 months in a structured carrier such as a mei tai or SSC. They recommend woven or elastic wraps are a better choice for newborn to 4 months old. Should you decide that you and your baby are ready to use this mei tai, Lenny Lamb recommends that you adjust the carrier panel to your baby by rolling up the waist belt in the proper way. 

Recommended spot clean only. Handwash gentle on cold if necessary. Line dry only. Do not iron. 

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