• Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Full Buckle Carrier Little Love Lemon Tree (cotton)
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Lenny Lamb Little Love Lemon Tree Ergonomic Full Buckle Carrier (cotton)

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Amazingly soft and light (260 gsm), almost feels like fluff on your and your baby’s skin, airy, very supportive and incredibly beautiful - doesn’t it sound like a babywearer’s dream?
This dream has come true !
Please welcome LittleLove !
This fabric is so fabulous because of the special weave we made it in - it is a derivation from Judie Eatough’s weave.
See some more of her work at http://www.eatough.net/weave/
Measurements for the baby sized carrier (please note measurements may vary by 1cm)
Weight range: 14 pounds to 35 pounds
Panel height: 40cm or 15.75in at middle of panel
Panel width at base: 35cm or 13.78in
Panel width at leg opening: 32cm or 12.6in
Measurements for the toddler sized carrier (please note measurements may vary by 1cm) 
Weight range: 20 pounds to 44 pounds or 6kg to 20kg
Panel height: 48cm or 18.9in at the middle of the panel
Panel width at base: 45cm or 17.71in
Panel width at leg opening: 38cm or 14.96in
Why purchase a Lenny Lamb full buckle carrier?
- made of Lenny Lamb woven wraps - highest quality fabrics made of the finest yarn, all yarn and dyes used have the Oko-tekst standard 100 test certificate
- made in Poland
- three point safety buckle prevents accidental opening
- three way adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit
- adjustable hood
- contoured panel, soft padded straps and legs out padding for the baby

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