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  • Lenny Lamb Colors of Heaven Buckle Onbuhimo (cotton)
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Lenny Lamb Colors of Heaven Buckle Onbuhimo (cotton)

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Lenny Lamb's Buckle Onbuhimo carrier is designed for children who can already sit unassisted. It is most commonly used for a back carry. This Buckle Onbuhimo is available in two sizes with a panel that can be adjusted in width!

Every Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo is a wrap conversion made of the same high quality fabrics used for Lenny Lamb wraps. 


  • Can be used in a front or back carry. More commonly used for back carries. 
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Integrated sleep hood; attaches to loops on shoulder straps with simple ties.
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Weight : 260 g/m²

Need a matching carrying bag, waist bag, or reusable shopping bag? Check out Lenny Lamb's line of matching accessories HERE!


  • 5kg - 20kg (11lbs- 44lbs) Lenny Lamb does not recommend carrying children younger than 4 months in a structured carrier such as a mei tai or SSC. They recommend woven or elastic wraps are a better choice for newborn to 4 months old. 
  • 45cm (14.7") across the top of panel,
  • 34cm (13.3") panel length
  • Adjustable Panel Width - Max 41cm (13.1") - Min - 16cm (6.3 inches)

Permissible measurement error is ± 3 cm


    • 50cm (19.6") across the top of panel
    • 38cm (14.9") length of panel
    • Adjustable Panel Width - Max 45cm (17.7 inches) - Min - 18 cm (7.1 inches)

    Lenny Lamb toddler onbuhimo

    Permissible measurement error is ± 3 cm


    Wash Instructions

    Recommended spot clean only. Hand Wash gentle on cold if necessary. Line dry only. Do not iron. 


    All images of products on this website are for representation purposes only. Please be aware that the final product in hand may have slight variations in color and texture when compared to the product photo.


    How to use your Lenny Lamb BuckleOnbu




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