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  • Lenny Lamb Little Love Lemon Tree Baby Mat
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Lenny Lamb Little Love Lemon Tree Baby Mat

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Lenny Baby Mat is a little bit of your baby’s own space everywhere you go! It is perfect for tummy time, playtime and nap time ! This mat makes an ideal floor cushion for baby and is a convenient way to protect your baby from the floor.

The Lenny Baby Mat is double-sided. Both sides of the mat are made of the same high quality fabrics we use for manufacturing our wraps and carriers. They are natural and safe for your baby (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate). One side is made of our woven fabrics and the other one is made of the knitted fabrics - all this to make sure your baby feels comfortable and his/her skin can breathe. The Lenny Baby Mat also has some colorful ribbons attached that your baby can play with :)

Vendor: Lenny Lamb

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