• Natibaby Harper's Flash Daybreak Blau Bag
  • Natibaby Harper's Flash Daybreak Blau Bag
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Natibaby Harper's Flash Daybreak Blau Bag

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Meet the beautifully made Natibaby Blau bag! This has an adjustable shoulder to be able to wear across your body or over one shoulder. It also features an inner pocket and zipper closure!

Team 5MR is pretty darn excited to introduce another fabulous Natibaby Exclusive!

  • This is an indigo weft (read: very dark blue) with an awesome daybreak (read: purple to peach) gradient!
  • Please note due the laws of weaving the colors will vary in real life
This wrap will be a 100% cotton blend. GSM cannot be determined until it comes off the loom. 

Placement may vary per bag. You are guaranteed to get at least one horse on the body of the bag but you may get 2. 

*Please note skipped threads, weaver's knots, pulls, and minor broke threads are considered normal*
Tags: Bags & Totes
Vendor: Natibaby

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