• FireSpiral Sunfade Cirrus Festival Wrap (cotton)
  • FireSpiral Sunfade Cirrus Festival Wrap (cotton)
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FireSpiral Sunfade Cirrus Festival Wrap (cotton)

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Meet the first release of the Festival line, Sunfade Cirrus

  • 100%cotton
  • ~240gsm
  • medium weight
  • release date: 18 August 2015

Festival is primarily made up from a traditional spiraling diamond weave design. This pattern gives a wonderful waffle like texture and stretch to the wrap, giving it a mouldable and marshmallowy softness that really is a joy to wrap with. This wrap is woven on the creamy white cotton Cirrus warp. Sunfade is 100% cotton, and reminiscent of a faded bandanna used to keep the sun from your head on a cloudless summer day. The weft is made from 3 colours of combed cotton yarn - dark pink, copper and red, which add texture and depth to the design. It is a medium weight wrap, that is beautifully soft once it has had its first wash, and will need no breaking in

Please note that although these wraps have been 'finished' post weave they need washing before use to shrink them to the correct length and to fluff up and set the weave. After washing your wrap will be softer, thicker and more dense. This wash will also remove the tailors chalk mark that you may find next to your middle marker.


Firespiral Slings woven baby wraps are designed and woven in the UK. The designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature that stray into both science and myth; the magical way in which we are connected to the world and its rhythms.

All images of products in this website are for representation purposes only. Please be aware that the final product in hand may have slight variations in colour and texture when compared to the product photo.

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