• Didymos Kimata Azur (linen blend)
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Didymos Kimata Azur (linen blend)

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Material: 60% Organic Cotton  40% linen

Fabric Weight: 230 g/m²

Color: natural, azur blue


Looking for an awesome summer linen blend to compliment your summer wardore? This light to medium weight linen blend indio is going to be great for the hot summer months! Super light and airy with the benefits of linen!

Please note that linen does feel rough out of the box and will need a steam iron and wash before use to soften up. 


Why Didymos?

  • All dyes have passed the Oeko-tex 100 test. 
  • All dyes are as pure as possible with many only consisting of one ingredient.
  • The dyes do not contain dubious ingredients (for instance halogens or heavy metals ).
  • All the stages of manufacture from spinning the yarns to the final packaging take place in southern Germany or Austria. 
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty from Didymos.


The Didymos story: 


Didymos - that´ s a Greek word and means twins.  But how are twins connected to the Didymos Online Shop? In fact, it was the birth of twins that marked the starting point of the Didymos products. Erika Hoffmann, founder of Didymos, was expecting twins. As most of you might know, it is not easy to carry a baby and in the meantime doing the shopping or buying a ticket for public transport; but having twins increases the demands on parents carrying their babys to a veritable challenge. Could there be any remedy? Baby carriers, as the most intimate and deepest way of having your child around, create nearness and and a deep feeling of security. 



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