• Ankalia Mio Tote
  • Ankalia Mio Tote
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Ankalia Mio Tote

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The Mio Tote is a piece of Ankalia just for you.

What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine. Or so the saying goes! But you'll probably want to keep this for yourself 😉 The Ankalia Mio is similar in sizing and function to the much loved Todo Tote


  • ~fully lined tote
  • ~34 inch handle that is adjustable
  • Bag is ~ 26.5 inches from widest point 
  • Bag is ~17 inches from the tallest point

Patterns & Pricing

  • Mako Laguna 100% cotton- $165
  • Neptune Etch 48% tencel ™ / 52% cotton - $165
  • Handle color may vary from photos

Making sure that Ankalia is made within Australia is important to us. Many manufacturers are obsessed with producing their products as cheaply as possible, which generally means sending their wares offshore to be produced. We wanted Ankalia to be Australian designed, woven, and hand finished, as the babywearing world was calling for a premier Australian product - and we need to be satisfied that our fabrics are made in an ethical manner. Our designs are hand sketched by local artisans, and their trade and skill is transformed into fabrics literally designed to embrace your babies.

Woven and hand made in Australia.


Product may vary in color, placement, and or texture from what is pictured. 

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