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Meet Smitten with Wovens

Welcome to Smitten with Wovens! This humble brand specializes in unique, ethically made fabrics that compliment every unconventional palette. Matt and Rachel started Smitten in order to be able to marry the designs and colorways they love with the highest level of manufacturing principles they could source. 

Try our a Smitten today and you will be glad you did!

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  All designs are our own and unique to Smitten
  Smittens are finished (sewn) in the US (primarily in Austin, Texas). 
  Labels, tags, boxes, and packaging are produced and printed in the US
  Your Smitten has passed ASTM F2907-14b and flammability testing and is lab certified to be free of heavy metals and phthalates 
  We only use 100% natural non-animal derived fibers 
  No secrets or funny business.  Have a question or concern about how your Smitten is sourced or manufactured?  Send them our way! 
Every Smitten includes a gently used book for you to enjoy or share.   If you already have the book, or it's just not your cup of tea, please consider donating so that it can live on.  We recommend donating to your local women's shelter or mailing it to Books for Africa
If you have some gently used books you would like us to re-home please send them via media mail to: 5 Minute Recess c/o book exchange PO Box 3322 102 E Broad Street Forney Texas 75126. 


Fantastic we always knew you were a special snowflake ? ❤️ Get together about 15 of your friends and either come up with a rocking design or a fantastic new colorway/gradients for one of our fabulous designs and email to set up your special pre-order!


  • Turn around time is typical 8-10 weeks from the time the deposit is made
  • Flexible pricing plans are available
  • Special orders are available to anyone - retailers, customers, or groups
  • The budget line of stripes are available but the minimum order is higher then our Jaquard line

Email us today as our schedule fills up quickly!