BCIA Vesta Garcia ALS Fundraiser - Tula Wrap Conversion Giveaway


5MR is giving away a full standard sized wrap conversion Tula in Mockingbird Plum including free worldwide delivery.  

For every $5 donated to the BCIA through the link below, you will receive one entry into the drawing.  Donations can be made through Sunday October 12th @ 11:59 PST.  

Protip - A keen eye will notice the donation button links directly to the BCIA's Paypal account.  No funny business here, just a free Tula for an awesome cause with 100% of all donations going directly to the BCIA fundraiser.

Whaa, you don't know Vesta Garcia?  Well take a knee...


Vesta Garcia, A babywearing industry pioneer

Do you work in the babywearing industry? Has babywearing touched your life in some way? Then you owe more than you know to Vesta Garcia. Most of you already know Vesta. Many have had the pleasure of getting to know her well during her many years in this industry. If you haven’t though, please take a moment to read a little bit about what Vesta has done for our industry and how instrumental she has been in making the BCIA, and industry as a whole, what it is today.

We tip our hat to Vesta as the ASTM F2907 sling standard that is currently becoming law is a direct result of her efforts. For those who are not aware, the development of this standard is one of the pivotal reasons for the survival of slings and wraps as a product category in the US- products that were in previously in danger of being banned for sale.


And heck, she did this on a mostly volunteer basis!


You may have heard of ALS through the ice bucket challenges that dominated social media several weeks ago.  Vesta was recently diagnosed with this incredibly debilitating and incurable disease.  Please show your thanks by helping provide support to Vesta and her family as they navigate this challenging phase of their lives.  

Want to learn more before you donate?  Check out the BCIA ALS Fundraiser page for more information.


Matt, Rachel, & Stella