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About Us

Matt, Rachel, Stella, Finn, and baby G at your service!
November 2017 - Matt's epic beard is no longer, Rachel only wears flipflops, Finn didn't want his picture taken... OH! and baby #3 is only 6 weeks away
The 5 Minute Recess story started shortly after our daughter was born, but on a completely different medium.  For fun, we created a blog to track creative ways to save for your child's education.  While we had a 529 fund and all the best intentions, we quickly realized we were on track to fall far short of our goals.

Rachel pitched the idea of starting a babywearing empire (her words) that would not only help fund Stella's college fund, but also allow us to give back to the community which we have made a focus since day zero.  For 2017 we were a nationwide sponsor of the Live, Love, Latch event supporting La Leche League International chapters throughout the US.  We also provided monetary and product donations to some awesome non-profits you should check out including -  World on My Shoulders, Attached Mommies, Carry On-NewarkMake-a-Wish and Doctors without Borders.  As with previous years, we continue to provide more discounts and donations than we can count to help support Babywearing International and other 501.3c babywearing chapters throughout the globe.

We started our store in 2013 with 20 wraps from a single vendor, and while still a very small fish, the response far exceeded our very meager aspirations.   Since then, we've added additional brands and a whole lot more inventory.  

We couldn't be more excited that you found our small store and are considering doing business with us.  Questions?  Comments?  Great vegetarian recipes?  Use the live chat box, comment form below, or our accounts on social media.  We'd absolutely love to hear from you.

- Matt & Rachel

Meet the 5MR Team 

Matt & Rachel - our story begins a few years ago in Virginia when Matt (the IT guy) and Rachel (the video editor) met while working together at an animal non-profit.  Rachel had recently enlisted in the military, and in what could be called extremely unfortunate timing, caught Matt's eye.  Not the ideal conditions to start a new relationship!

After a brief long distance relationship, Matt squeezed everything he could into the car, gave away the rest, and headed off on a cross country drive to Monterey California where Rachel was stationed.  We quickly fell in love with the amazing scenery and quaint towns surrounding Monterey... for at least the short term, we declared California our new home.  While it's the state where everything is backwards, the cost of living is 3x what it should be, and a very modest home costs a million dollars... the darn place just had so many awesome things going for it. 

Matt and Rachel are frugal, fun-loving, vegetarians who recently relocated to Dallas, Texas (we're frugal remember?). Matt’s interests lie in vintage British motorcycles that only sometimes work, an old 944 that runs slightly more often, and all things nerdy.  Rachel’s passions are babywearing, animal rights, sharks, saving the environment, cuttlefish, entrepreneurship, road trips, and finding the best breakfast places in every town she visits.  
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