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5 Minute Recess Presents: Adjustable Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) Comparison

Written by: Matt and Rachel

All SSCs feature a buckle waist, a panel, and shoulder straps.  Traditionally, these were marketed in baby, toddler, and in some brands a pre-school size.  Due to the varying sizes offered by manufactures, this could cause some anxiety during purchase when the wee one was approaching needing to size up, but not quite ready for the larger size.

Adjustable SSCs are baby carriers that can be tightened up for smaller babies and extended to larger sizes all the way through toddler wearing.  These carriers are by far the hottest products in our store because they offer maximum flexibility and range when compared to a traditional SSC.  For many babywearers, they can also be a more economical option due to this flexibility.

With so many on the market it can be hard to chose which one will be the best for you wee one(s).  Much like a pair of jeans, what your best friend loves and feels best on them will not always mean it will be love for you. Team 5MR got to work and created this easy to follow page with visuals of how each carrier fits with a smaller baby and a 3 year old preschooler.  As sizing isn't everything (remember those jeans), at the bottom you will find our handy measurements and features chart to help you chose the carrier that will work best for you and the child(ren) you wish to carry.

Soul SLings Anoona 
Babylonia Flexia 5 minute recess
fidella fusion baby size comparison
Baby Tula Free-to-grow comparison
beco baby carrier gemini leaping lemurs comparison
Isara V3 standard
 Kol Kol Baby Carrier Leela
Lennyup by Lenny Lamb comparison

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5 Minute Recess Adjustable SSC comparison chart


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